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Bob-About Footy Yacht
Here at the Vintage Model Boat company we have wanted to get involved in the promotion of Footy model yacht racing. We have chosen the “Bob About” design because it is simple to construct and operate. It is not the cutting edge In design with carbon rig etc but I have seen a lot of clubs have a lot of fun with this design. Our thanks goes out to Brett  McCormack for his kind permission to be able to bring this laser cut kit to you and if you have fun with it please tell a friend. Hopefully in time Footy racing could be the main racing class at club level. Enjoy your model boating.
Our kit contains all major parts including sails battens and rig stand etc £45.00
Materials not included
standard 2 channel radio
Small plastic tube for sheet line
Light coated pike wire  for rigging
Deck patches from sticky back plastic or contact type material
Masking tape for sail reinforcement
Bob-About Footy Yacht  Kit