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River Police Launch
River Police Launch
The river Police Launch has been based on the old Veron Kit from the 1960's that we all loved. The model is not to scale but embraces the design of that era. The kit is now fully laser cut so all parts are pre cut and most of the parts are now made out of high quality ply, so obtaining a good finish is easier to achieve. The model can be powered by a 7.2 volts standard buggy battery pack or ic power of .5-1.5 cc engines which is not in the kit. We have not included any running fittings as we feel a lot of modellers will have or would like to choose for themselves but we can supply these fittings if required
River Police Launch
Length               26``
Beam                7 1/4 ``
As used by the Port of  London river authority and the River Police. An all time favourite
Suitable for up to 2 cc engine or electric motor
Weight of kit 2 Ibs